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Use Content Library Transfer Tool

So I saw a question in the TechNet Forum and thought that I might just write a blog article to show how to do this. The question was regarding to Content Library Transfer tool that is part of the ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Toolkit. Question: Is it possible to use the...

ConfigMgr Report All Installed Applications Listed Per Computer

/ A customer of a college of mine wanted a SQL Query to create a report in ConfigMgr that lists all installed software per computer. I thought about using the method that another college of mine blogged about here. That method, awesome as it is, didn’t do the trick for...

Customize the MDT Background During OSD

A customer of mine asked how they could change the background image that is shown during OSD but keep the cool “Step Indicator”. It just happens to be that the “Step Indicator” to the upper right is part of the background image, so it is quite easy to change the...