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TechEd Europe 2014 Video Shoot

As I’ve written about before, I’ve attended the TechEd Europe Round Table. I’ve also done some video shoots together with the crew from Channel9 and now one of them is live. Hope to see you at TechEd Europe! /Tim /

Deploy Update 1 (KB2919355) to Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2: Smooth Sailing Style

At a customer the other day they said that they had some problems on a handful of servers while deploying a particular patch. While looking into it I could see that the troublesome patch were KB2919355 more known as Update 1 to Windows 6.3 aka Windows 8.1 and Server 2012...

Azure Active Directory Premium Trials are here

A while back Microsoft announced the Enterprise Mobility Suite, including Windows Intune, Microsoft Azure Rights Management and Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium (including FIM, Forefront Identity Manager). All packed with a very low cost. Probably lower than if you are using any one of those services or any competing services....

Specify .Net Framework 3.5 Installation Files Source Location using GPO

While working with server management using ConfigMgr we tend to spend some time on OS deployment as well. I would argue that using MDT to create your ref-images and then to deploy that ref-image to a VHD using ConfigMgr and to deploy that VHD to VMM would be the best...

My Enterprise Mobility Session is Online

A couple of weeks ago I held a session in Norway about Enterprise Mobility at the Azure event held by Lumagate AS. The session video is now online at vimeo or watch on the video below. Since the people of Norway have awesome language skills the presentation is held in...

My Intune Sessions Has Been Approved For TechDays Sweden 2014

I’ve received the opportunity to speak at Microsoft TechDays 2014 in Sweden. The session will be focused on Intune and lessons learned from real world implementations. You can read more about my session, in Swedish, at TechDays site. The event is held at the Kistamässan just north of Stockholm on...

Notes from TechEd Europe 2014 Round Table

We’ve just left Barcelona and I’m on my flight back home to Sweden. For about 24 hours we were thirteen people gathered by Microsoft in the lovely city of Barcelona in Spain trying to share our thoughts on TechEd and how to make it an even better event. There were...

TechEd Europe 2014 Round Table

I’ve been invited to join the TechEd 2014 and Channel9 team in a round table discussion about the upcoming event in October. For those of you that haven’t heard about TechEd, it’s really the Microsoft event both for Technicians and Developers. Well Build is a really cool event as well...