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Consolidate multiple RSS feeds into one

So this blog post might be “out of topic” in comparison to my other posts, but this was just too cool to skip. While working on my company’s new public web site,, I had to consolidate all RSS feeds from each and every consultants blog site and then turn...

How I used PowerShell to download Channel9 recordings from events

Previously I’ve written Session Downloader to get all (or selected) session recordings from events such as TechEd and Build. Before I wrote the app, I wrote scripts based in PowerShell for the same thing. Now, in time for the Connect() conference I’ve written a PowerShell module in C# that allows you...

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server port requirements

Azure Multi-Factory Authentication Server with Radius Authentication activated.
During a Proof of Concept at a customer I had to dig up information about what network ports the Azure MFA Server needs when it is placed behind a firewall. While other services could use the proxy service to access the Internet, the Azure MFA Server needs direct access out...