Build Your TechEd Europe 2014 Schedule

With less than two weeks to go, it is now time to Build your TechEd Europe 2014 sessions Schedule if you haven’t already done that.

You access the schedule builder at There are a lot of session throughout the event so there can be a good idea to split this task on two or more occasions. It can easily be “too much” to go through all sessions at one sitting.

Empty Schedule




I have three different technics I use to get it done. First, I think about what type of sessions I want to attend. Sometimes I have colleges that are unable to attend for some reason and they want me to ask a specific question during a session. If I have that task to complete, I often make sure to add those sessions to my schedule to begin with.







Finding a session can be done using the search feature. You can search using keyword and you can filter using track, speaker, timeslot et cetera.


To start filling the schedule I often start by browsing sessions pretty randomly using the different tracks I want to follow. This would be the first time that I review the list of sessions so I let myself go wild in the session list, just like a kid that gets a free pass in a candy store.

When that is done I often start by going through each and every timeslot and selecting ALL sessions I would like to attend. It leaves me with somewhat of a crowded schedule.

Filled Schedule







As you can see, I really fill the schedule with all sessions I want to attend. I know that I will find new sessions I want to attend and that I will run into people between sessions and stay in the hallway and talk so that I might not have time to run over the whole center. So now I have options to attend if a run out of time.

























I often finalize by going through all level 400 sessions. You could just as well go for something else, this is just me. I love to be “star struck” on what can be done using the different techs.

Lastly, I go through a list of some favorite speakers and friends. I’m on the stage quite often and know how good it feels to see a familiar face in the audience so when I can, I attend their session to keep them company and to say “hi”.

A list of great speakers are, but not limited to:

  • Paula Januszkiewicz
  • Johan Arwidmark
  • Mike Niehaus
  • Mikael Nyström

As a last note, since I have all the sessions in my list I get two things. First, I can sync the schedule into Outlook/my calendar. Secondly, I can go back to the schedule once all session recordings are online and use it to know what sessions that I should download using Session Downloader.



About The Author

Tim Nilimaa is a consultant with Lumagate in Sweden. He has been working with Configuration Manager for 8 years. His knowledge has been selected as a speaker at many events among them Microsoft Management Summit.

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