Customize the MDT Background During OSD

A customer of mine asked how they could change the background image that is shown during OSD but keep the cool “Step Indicator”.


It just happens to be that the “Step Indicator” to the upper right is part of the background image, so it is quite easy to change the background. But we’ll take it step by step.


Change the (awesome?) background image during OSD with MDT.


First, how do we know where to start looking? Well, there are five steps and the same amount of “Set Status” steps in the Task Sequence. That should give us a hint.


When we look at the Command line for that step we can see that the script ztisetbackground.wsf is executed with a parameter that defines an image. Perhaps there is something in that logic we can use.

ZTISetBackground  The script is located in the Scripts folder within the MDT Toolkit Files package that we need to create for our first MDT integrated Task Sequence (or at least point out).

Lets open it up.


Okey, that script uses the “Image” parameter to set some data to the background using BGInfo. I wounder, could it also use BGinfo to set awesome stuff to the upper right corner? We can see the path to the .bgi file as well as where the BGinfo executable is to lets fire up that nice little program.


Now with BGInfo open, lets open the configuration file.


STEP_01 works perfectly.


A quick click on the Background… button shows us that each configuration file sets a background as well. Lets take a peak, because otherwise here we can’t se the top right corner information…


So there are a few… Lets open up one with MSPaint.


They cheated! :)

Just edit the image to your liking. So easy. Time to show of my MAD WordArt skillz. Then just same the image back and update the MDT Toolkit Files package and hit a reinstallation of a PC.


Aren’t you impressed with my skills to create an awesome background? :)

Key Take-Away

Simply edit the Step_*.BMP-files in the Tools\x86 folder in the MDT Toolkit Files package. It’s always x86, even if your Boot Image is x64.

Happy WordArt-ing :)



About The Author

Tim Nilimaa is a consultant with Lumagate in Sweden. He has been working with Configuration Manager for 8 years. His knowledge has been selected as a speaker at many events among them Microsoft Management Summit.

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  1. Sean Williams says:

    A very helpful post however, I am having some issue when the task sequence leaves the winpe stage after installing the OS.

    Once restarted, I get a black screen for setting up devices and preparing your desktop for first use etc. The progress window is also hidden.

    When Windows loads, and logs into the administrator account to continue the task sequence, the desktop background does change as expected however, desktop icons and the taskbar are visible. If I set “HideShell=YES” in customsettings.ini the only thing displayed on screen is “preparing windows” until the task sequence completes.

    Is this something you have experienced and are able to assist with?


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