Deploy Office 2013–Files necessary to run the Office Customization Tool were not found

Yesterday I got a question about a problem when deploying Office 2013. When running the command found at a Microsoft TechNet article on how to create answer files for Microsoft Office 2013 in order to install it silently using MDT the got an error.


What was done in order to get the error: “Files necessary to run the Office Customization Tool were not found. Run Setup from the installation point of a qualifying product.”, was that setup.exe were executed from the root directory of the installation media with the parameter “/admin”. Just as stated in the TechNet article.

You run the OCT by typing setup.exe /admin at the command line from the root of the network installation point that contains the Office 2013 source files.

What they had missed was that OCT (Office Customization Tool) requires the “Admin” folder in the installation media. If that folder does not exist, it’s not a volume license version of the media but a retail version. However, instead of downloading the media again you can download the OCT together with the Administrative Template Files at this location. Once downloaded and extracted, copy the Admin-folder to the root folder of the installation media (not a read-only location such as the mounted ISO image of course) and then run the command again and it all works.

I’m not 100% sure that you are allowed to do this so do consult your sales representive at Microsoft if in doubt, but since you get to add product key during the creation of the MSP-file that holds your customizations I don’t see any problem with it.

Oh, and just for the record, placing the MSP file that OCT generates for you in the Updates folder in the root directory of the installation media works fine. The only thing you need to do next in order to install it silently is to run “setup.exe” without any parameters. Well, that is if you specified the installation to run silently during OCT configuration.



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