Hydration kit for Windows Azure

I’ve been writing a blog post series for what I call ‘Workplace vNext‘, or what is also known as ‘People-Centric IT’. All scripts are in the following collection:

  • Create a Windows Azure Network and the First VM, that will become a Domain Controller (v0.9.2)
  • Promote the First VM to a Domain Controller and Create the Active Directory Forest (v0.4)
  • Install a Second VM, that will be used for ADFS later on
  • Install an Additional VM with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Evaulation Edition (v1.7)

NOTE> 2014-10-10: Links temporarly disabled due to changes in Azure PowerShell module and new images in Azure. Some work needs to be done to get it all working again. /Tim

Also, I would like to shout out a big Thank-You to Björn Axell, at Microsoft, whom have helped be alot by testing out my code and been an excellent bug-finder. And ofcourse, pushing me do take this one step further all the time :)


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