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How I used PowerShell to download Channel9 recordings from events

Previously I’ve written Session Downloader to get all (or selected) session recordings from events such as TechEd and Build. Before I wrote the app, I wrote scripts based in PowerShell for the same thing. Now, in time for the Connect() conference I’ve written a PowerShell module in C# that allows you...

Session Download 0.4 (now with pptx support!)

Dieter Rauscher asked me on Twitter for support to download all slides and not _just_ the sessions. I hadn’t found a good way to find all sessions with available pptx files and hadn’t had the time to figure out a good way to do this. (Note, for all session videos...

Session Downloader 0.3

TechEd North America 2013 is here and so is my application for downloading all sessions from the awesome event.

Implementing the Windows To Go Concept in an Enterprise Environment

My session from Microsoft Management Summit 2013 in Las Vegas have been online at Channel 9 for some time now. Thought I might share the link with you all. /Tim

Download Microsoft TechEd 2012 (And more!) Session Videos using PowerShell (version 1.7)

Okey, the long awaited 2.0 didn’t really make it. I still have some ideas like a feature to name the files after the sessions as well as include much much more of the awesome content on Channel 9. Sadly they have to wait. I do want to make this 1.7...