TechEd Europe 2014 Round Table


I’ve been invited to join the TechEd 2014 and Channel9 team in a round table discussion about the upcoming event in October.

For those of you that haven’t heard about TechEd, it’s really the Microsoft event both for Technicians and Developers. Well Build is a really cool event as well if you’re a dev. During TechEd Microsoft employees as well as selected people will hold breakout sessions on different topics in the form of 75 minutes long sessions. Between the sessions there is a strange mix of running between session rooms, grabbing a bite of some snacks and a cup of coffee or a soda as well as finding time to meet up with friends and peers.

The event is a week long and thus there is a fee involved to be able to attend. Microsoft have put together a “Convince Your Boss” paper that you could use as a base on how to – convince your boss to let you attend. I frequently meet with technicians at customers arguing on who’s next in line to be able to attend. If you are unsure if this is something for you there is also a top reasons to attend-list you could read.

As you might know I’ve written a PowerShell script to download all sessions videos from events such as TechEd from the Channel9 web site where the Ch9 team at Microsoft uploads them. Later on the script has evolved into a program called Session Downloader.

If you ask me the one key reason to attend is to meet up with fellow geeks and listen to the best in the industry. If you plan well you can also find time to get answers to your questions that you have from your own environment back home. During MMS (Microsoft Management Summit) last year we speakers sat down each and every day and had a drink and talked to the people that came by during the “Speaker Q & A time”. The idea with the time was that attendees should be able to ask their questions that there wasn’t time to answer during the session but we didn’t only cover topics from the sessions but all different kind of questions regarding the products that we work with.

The price for attending TechEd is about the same as for any other week long training, at least in Sweden.


During the round table I will try to add my thoughts on what you make TechEd even better. However, my thoughts are only my thoughts so with this post I would like to urge you to reach out to me and tell me what YOU think could do TechEd better. After all, if you are planning to attend, why not try to do it a better event and experience than before? Drop a comment below, an email or a tweet on twitter. Oh and do that before the end of Monday the 9th and I will take your thoughts with me to the round table.

Hope to see you at TechEd 2014 Europe!




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Tim Nilimaa is a consultant with Lumagate in Sweden. He has been working with Configuration Manager for 8 years. His knowledge has been selected as a speaker at many events among them Microsoft Management Summit.

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