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So I saw a question in the TechNet Forum and thought that I might just write a blog article to show how to do this. The question was regarding to Content Library Transfer tool that is part of the ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Toolkit.

Question: Is it possible to use the Content Library Transfer tool to merge two Content Library folders to one?

So the scenario is like this. We have a server that has a SCCMContentLib (Content Library) on drive D and one on drive M.


Since D is used for Program Files we don’t want the SCCMContentLib there. But what about the files on the M drive – will those files be deleted? Note the 0E66 folder to the right.


Lets use the ContentLibraryTransfer.exe tool that is part of the ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Toolkit to transfer the “old” Content Library to the drive that contains the new one.

   1: ContentLibraryTransfer.exe -SourceDrive D -TargetDrive M


The progress will run for a while depending on how much content we have there.


Once it’s done we can see no trace of the Content Library on the old drive and can still see the files on the new drive that were there before.

So, this means that the tool actually merges the libraries. Awesome!


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Tim Nilimaa is a consultant with Lumagate in Sweden. He has been working with Configuration Manager for 8 years. His knowledge has been selected as a speaker at many events among them Microsoft Management Summit.

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