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Linux Printing…why is it so complicated?

Printing under Linux has historically been a problem because of, well, the history of Linux. Since Linux is based on Unix, which has a history stretching back to the middle-ages (1960’s), the printing arrangements that most systems come with are geared, or at least have elements from, the Unix printing needs of that time. Sharp Printer Service Center

These needs can be summed up as: Either very high or very low-quality printing for large organisations. In the days before laser printing, HP printer service center Dubai was very expensive, even though many systems had “draft” printers and “final” printers which varied in quality and cost.

Today many homes and small offices have Unix/Linux systems attached to a single inkjet which is operated in several modes, and sometimes also to a black and white laser printer.

Two problems arise with this setup and current Linux printing methods. One is the basic issue of getting good drivers for inkjet printers, which is now largely solved, and the other is the fact that Linux’s traditional print services do not understand the idea of multiple virtual printers on the same physical printer (i.e., a single inkjet which can print in various radically different modes).

Many, many, many solutions have been proposed for fixing Linux printing but most have concentrated on large organisations and their security and bulk issues. I run a very small IT Department with two printers and four machines behind a firewall. I am thus more interested in utility than security so implementing eight RFC’s is right out!

Unipro Establishes Itself as a Leading Ajman Police Approved CCTV Installation Provider in UAE

Ajman, 18-07-2023 – Unipro, a prominent name in security solutions, proudly announces its official approval from the Ajman Police as a trusted provider of CCTV installation services. This accreditation reaffirms Unipro's commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions that adhere to the highest standards of safety.

As a recognized Ajman Police Approved CCTV installation provider, Unipro specializes in the professional deployment of state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Whether for residential or commercial properties, Unipro offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to meet the unique security needs of its clients.

"Our approval from the Ajman Police is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence in security services," said the CEO at Unipro. "We understand the critical importance of safeguarding homes and businesses, and our team is committed to delivering top-notch CCTV installations that prioritize both efficiency and reliability."

Unipro's services encompass the installation of high-definition CCTV cameras, advanced monitoring solutions, and seamless integration to create a robust security infrastructure. The company's experienced technicians ensure optimal performance, providing clients with 24/7 surveillance for enhanced peace of mind.

In a rapidly evolving security landscape, Unipro stands out as a trusted partner for Ajman Police approved CCTV installations. The company invites residents and businesses to contact them for a comprehensive security consultation, tailored to specific needs.

About Unipro: Unipro is a leading provider of security solutions, specializing in Ajman Police approved CCTV installations. With a commitment to excellence, Unipro's experienced team delivers cutting-edge surveillance systems for residential and commercial properties.

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Consolidate multiple RSS feeds into one

So this blog post might be “out of topic” in comparison to my other posts, but this was just too cool to skip. While working on my company’s new public website,, I had to consolidate all RSS feeds from each and every consultant's blog site and then turn...

How I used PowerShell to download Channel9 recordings from events

Previously I’ve written Session Downloader to get all (or selected) session recordings from events such as TechEd and Build. Before I wrote the app, I wrote scripts based in PowerShell for the same thing. Now, in time for the Connect() conference I’ve written a PowerShell module in C# that allows you...

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server port requirements

Azure Multi-Factory Authentication Server with Radius Authentication activated.
During a Proof of Concept at a customer, I had to dig up information about what network ports the Azure MFA Server needs when it is placed behind a firewall. While other services could use the proxy service to access the Internet, the Azure MFA Server needs direct access out...

Free On-Demand Webinar on Modern Workplace

Some days ago I held a webinar on the topic ‘The Modern Workplace’. The video is now online on Vimeo and thanks to the employer Lumgate I can share it with all of you. I will present on a new webinar not that far into the future. Stay tuned and...

Increase Task Sequence Error Dialog Timeout

A customer asked me if it is possible to increase the timeout that is associated with the error message shown during OSD with Configuration Manager or MDT. This is of course possible. First, you can do this with Collection variables in ConfigMgr, but there is a solution that works in...

Build Your TechEd Europe 2014 Schedule

Filled Schedule
With less than two weeks to go, it is now time to Build your TechEd Europe 2014 sessions Schedule if you haven’t already done that. You access the schedule builder at There is a lot of session throughout the event so there can be a good idea to split...

In the case of no client certificate on a ConfigMgr client

Even when you run a ConfigMgr infrastructure in non-HTTPS mode each and every client still has a certificate that it uses when it talks to a Management Point. In the case of a HTTP environment, the client will create a self-signed certificate if it doesn’t find a working one in...

ConfigMgr Collection based on Installed Windows Server Features and Roles

Sometimes it is necessary to create a collection based on what Windows Server Features and Roles have been installed on a server. For instance, I have a customer that is using System Center Endpoint Protection to protect their servers from malware. Therefore we want to have collections that are automatically...

ConfigMgr Collection Membership based on NOT existance

Every now and then the need for an inverted membership is required for a collection. Such can be when deploying new software to servers, one might want to filter out all servers that already have the software or servers with different software. In this case at a customer,...

ccmsetup.exe has stopped working (APPCRASH)

ccmsetup.exe has stopped working APPCRASH
While helping a customer I stumbled upon a rather strange problem. While installing the ConfigMgr client on a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 system, we got an error where the ccmsetup application crashed.   After a reboot, we got the very same error. We used a bat file with a command...

A lot of fixes in CU2 for Configuration Manager PowerShell wise

As I wrote some time ago Cumulative Update 1 for Configuration Manager 2012 R2 broke the wild card support for getting packages using the Get-CMPackage command in PowerShell. Happily, Cumulative Update 2 fixes that problem along with “some” other commands. Get the full list of fixes and updates here. However,...

Capture Windows Image using DISM – With Bells and Whistles

A little over a month ago (May 19th 2014) my friend Mikael Nyström wrote a blog article with an attached script that allowed you to capture a WIM / reference image using DISM instead of ImageX that MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) normally does. Making the switch improves capture time by...

Configuration Manager 2007 is running out of support – life cycle to ConfigMgr 2012 R2 now

Still, running System Center Configuration Manager 2007? It’s about time to migrate to ConfigMgr 2012 (R2) now. As of writing this blog post, it is less than a week left of the Mainstream support for ConfigMgr 2007. I’m quite sure you remember the pain to migrate from Windows XP in...